Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Success Story from Annette

Annette Machulsky, MA, OI Coordinator

Someone once asked me, “What is an OI coordinator?” After thinking it over I realized that a lot of people may not know what OI stands for. That part is easy, OI stands for ovulation induction. We coordinate ovulation induction cycles, help the physicians educate patients on how their cycles work and help the patients better understand the series of events that need to take place for achieving conception.

There are two OI coordinators currently in our office, myself and Dee Bish. I have been working with Drs. Kubik and Albert for 13 years. I love being able to work closely with the physicians and help patients through the stress and anxiety of undergoing fertility treatments.

Our other OI coordinator, Delinda Bish, LPN has been in the medical field for 14 years and has a lot of experience in women’s healthcare. She recently joined the practice because of her interest in helping women achieve their goal of conception. Dee loves working with our team because she enjoys being involved in the success of making patient’s dreams coming true.

There are many reasons that Dee and I like working with fertility patients. I once had a patient who had a history of pregnancy loss. After coordinating 10 cycles with her, she had 3 chemical pregnancies and another loss. Finally, on her 12th cycle she conceived and successfully had a baby boy! She brought her son in to meet me, and told me that she would never forget hearing my voice the day I told her she had a positive pregnancy test. That is always a truly amazing feeling!

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Marcia said...

Take it from someone who put all their hope in the hands of Dr. Kubick and my OI Coordinator (Annette), there is more to their office then they let on. When I first found out that I had ovulation issues, I instantly told myself “this means you will never be able to have a child.” I was devastated. It was almost as if Dr. Kubick knew what I was thinking and instantly gave me hope and explained my options to help me feel at ease.

The next step of taking hormones, blood work after blood work and ultra sound after ultra sound had my emotions going up and down like a roller coaster. That is when Annette came to my rescue. That sounds funny, but that is exactly how she made me feel. I could be a nervous wreck and want to stop trying, when all I would have to do is hear her voice, she would give me hope and all would be well. She went through all the same things with me.

When she called and I heard the words “It’s positive!” The excitement that I felt exploded because the whole office was excited for me and that just reminded me that I was never alone through the whole process. It was like it was their baby too.

It is now almost a year since Rachael was born and I am more thankful today than I was in October of 2006 when I found out I was pregnant. So my opinion on what Dr. Kubick and Annette are, THEY ARE MY ANGELS!!